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AM. Sepia. Flood.

As much as I wanted my watermark to appear on this lovely photograph, I couldn’t hog up all the credit. This click is the fine work of a friend who gladly agreed to let me share it with you. (Thank you, A. M.!)

This has been clicked in Mumbai, India (W), during torrential rains which caused flooding on the streets.

I don’t know what it is about this photograph that made me want to post it. Its simplicity? Maybe.
Or maybe the fact that when I look at it, it makes me feel as if it has just been taken out of an old and forgotten chest somebody found buried on a beach.
Or maybe just one man’s quest to safety.


4 thoughts on “WHEN IT RAINS IN MUMBAI: Part I

  1. Lovely photo! I don’t know why I like it either. I would guess its simplicity. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for coming by to like one of my posts. You have some groovy photos here.

  2. Agree, there is a real nice simplicity to this shot. Raining, flooding and the man simply will go on his way… It could have happened yesterday or 50 years ago. It has emotion…nice shot (for you and A.M.).

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