67th Day of Independence!

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Tricolor Collage

Happy 67th Indian Independence Day, dear readers!

So instead of posting the photograph of the Indian Tricolor, I decided to do a collage (Haha… Not a first!).

This collage is in a way, a collection of things I like to do; things I enjoy:

The strip of Orange shows you a photograph of oil lamps. This was clicked on the festival of Diwali, so yes, I enjoy festivals for their tradition, stories and colors and… pure beauty. Next to it are photos of flowers and a dragonfly which shows my love for photography and constant appreciation of Nature.

The White strip shows you a snapshot of various sketches that I did in my spare time. This is more like an on-off hobby of mine. Something I do when the mood strikes but something that I love, nonetheless.

The Green strip shows you photos from my travels which is another thing I enjoy. The first photo is of a bronze statue of Shri Rabindranath Tagore, a man who, I feel, doesn’t need an introduction (I have inserted a link, anyway.) This was clicked in Kolkata, India (E) where it stands in his house. The third photograph is of a Church (clicked in Kolkata, India.)

These things give me freedom – mental and physical. They refresh me, stimulate me, uplift me.
They mean independence for me.

P. S. – I will upload a gallery of all these images in a day or two so that you can have a closer look at each one of them.
Till then, be safe and enjoy your freedom!


5 thoughts on “67th Day of Independence!

  1. Very creative and wonderful photos/drawings as well. Your sketches are great, and isn’t the freedom to do the things you love to do the best way to celebrate independence? Great post, and happy Independence Day.

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