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I don’t know if what you are about to see will surprise you or if you’ve seen it before. But I can tell you that the many Adenium Obesum plants (commonly known as Desert Rose) we have at home, treat us with this every winter.

These are bunches of hairy, Adenium seeds (pardon me if they are called something else) which come out of pods (see photo #1) and grow into a ball of “fur”!

I promise you, you haven’t touched anything softer. I absolutely love collecting them in a small bag and letting them go all at once when there is a wind. The effect is that of a dandelion’s seed heads only, if I may say so, more beautiful; especially when the sun shines through them. Due to the not-so-advanced camera that I use, any attempts at clicking a glowing ball, flew to the wind! Hence I bring you these…

Silk Tufts I

The pods which in future will turn into balls of hair!

Silk Tufts II

A partially opened pod, though you can see the advanced version of it in the background.

Silk Tufts III

I couldn’t let the partially-opened pod hog up all the limelight!

Silk Tufts IV

Up Close. This is what a single seed head looks like. That little line you see in the middle is the seed and the hair around it are to facilitate aerial dispersion.


3 thoughts on “OH-SO-SOFT!

  1. Wow, these are some beautiful photos! Love the colors and mostly the fluffiness of the ‘desert rose’. So cool. We have something similar here, but they are round and you have to break-them open (so not very beautiful until they are opened). Wish you a nice breezy day today, so you & the desert rose can go out and play 🙂

    1. Such a wonderful comment! Thank you, Randall. 🙂
      Here, the pods open on their own when the seeds are ready. If we open them before their time (What? I couldn’t help myself), the seed-hair don’t fan out (photo #4), they will stick together. So well, what can I say, patience pays! (Especially if you wanna play!) 😉

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