Weekly Photo Challenge: SATURATED

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You are looking at a wall that was painted by a famous Indian cartoonist, the late Mario Miranda (2 May 1926 – 11 December 2011).

This photo was clicked during my visit to an indoor farmer’s market in Goa, the name of which I can’t recall.

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated (Dated September 27, 2013), gave me the go-ahead to publish this post.

This is the market I went to (You can see another wall done in B&W in the background):



12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: SATURATED

  1. Wonderful photo, great colors ~ and I especially like the second photo showing the market activity (colors of the produce and people) contrasting to the B&W wall in the background. I have always thought that cities with murals are most interesting, because it gives a nice glimpse of the artistry of the people…a great addition to any city. Great post Meghna.

    1. I completely agree with you on murals. So much so that I have nothing more to add. 😛 “A glimpse into the artistry of the people” and sometimes the thought process of the whole society.
      Thank You, Randall!

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