And so you’re never alone.

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Book Fair

With books around, you’re never alone. You always have someone to turn to, somebody to welcome you with open arms; something to make you forget your troubles and do things you thought you didn’t have the courage to do.

This photograph was clicked at one of the 100+ stalls at the 11th National Book Fair which ends today. (Sorry for the not-so-good quality of the photo, its the best I could do with my cellphone.)

I visited the fair with my friends who were at the end of their patience because I was taking so much time at each stall, looking through every book that interested me.

That’s what books do to you (and me) – they make you lose every sense of time in a deliciously leisurely manner.


2 thoughts on “And so you’re never alone.

  1. Such a perfectly wonderful post…at times, there is not a better feeling then opening a good book and losing yourself for hours (but can feel like years). I love your last sentence, a perfect description!

    Also, today I read another blog about a book fair in Belgium, showing how international and important these fairs are. Wish you a pleasant week (here was the other blog: ).

    1. Thank you yet again, Randall. Just how do you find words for every post? You amaze me! 🙂
      Thank you for sharing the link to the post on ‘Tea, Books & Thoughts’! There goes another great blog on my ‘Following’ list.

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